Highlights from Foodies 100 bloggers: Dinners

Red Cabbage Risotto

Red cabbage risotto, a tasty, healthy and easy recipe from My Little Italian Kitchen.


Anything goes Lamb Curry

A non break the bank lamb curry that not only tastes great but it packs a punch. Team it with some homemade chapati’s and you have a fab meal with leftovers for less than £1 a head. From the Reduced Grub kitchen.


One-Pan Chickpeas with Sausage, Mushroom & Tomato

Very little preparation is required to make this one-pan dish, with plenty of fresh rosemary and sage as well as some cherry tomatoes; the result is a moist, fragrant and tasty one pan dish, from Natural Cooking.


just delicious..superb dish..loved it


Turkey Samosas

This simple samosa snack is a really versatile make and can accommodate a heap of fillings from curried turkey mince to jam and ricotta. The pastry is simple enough and the best part is that it is cheap as chips to make. From the Reduced Grub kitchen!


7 Easy Recipes With Italian Cheeses

Italy is without doubt a country with a rich cheese-making heritage. Each individual cheese plays an integral part in the landscape and is deeply woven into the specialities of each region. In this collection, Blog Vorrai have focused on some simple cheese recipes which are easy to prepare and yet taste amazing and create aMore


Green Bean Carbonara

A quick and simple one-pot carbonara with beans, pancetta and thyme from Gluts & Gluttony. A great use of your green, runner, french or broad beans. It’s carb-free too!


The Power of Pasta

A quick and simple pasta dish inspired by Padella pasta with a simple butter sauce and pepper, from Cooking and Carafes. 


15 Minute Baked Camembert Topped with Berries & Walnuts

A deliciously creamy baked camembert topped with warm, honey & balsamic soaked berries & candied walnuts from Justina Elumeze.


Lemon Tofu & Cashew Nut Stir Fry

From The Whole Ingredient we have this vegan lemon tofu & cashew stir fry which is delicious, simple and wholesome! Packed with fresh ingredients and on the table in 30 minutes.


Chicken Shawarma & Homemade Wraps

A family friendly recipe packed full of flavour from Cherished By Me; chicken shawarma and homemade wraps.


Ugandan Peanut Stew

A rich and fragrant Ugandan peanut stew packed full of veggies from The Tofu Diaries.


Vegan Red Thai Curry

An aromatic, exotic vegan Thai red curry that’s packed with coconut milk and fragrant lemongrass. The recipe takes minutes to prep and can be served up within 20 minutes. Wholesome, homemade and simply healthy, from Ring The Merchant.


Pork Pibil

This pork pibil is a classic dish you can find in most Mexican restaurants… but why, when you can make it yourself with your pals round and a couple of beers in the garden. All the dishes in the centre of the table with our hands digging in a preparing our wraps. Proper family food.More


Cuban Style Picadillo

A tasty Cuban style picadillo  from That Girl Cooks Healthy- Ground beef stewed in tomato sauce with an abundance of regional Latin American spices.


Rack of Lamb

This is a fresh, seasonal and up-to-date spin on a rack of lamb recipe. Grilled radishes and locally grown vine tomatoes with a rack of lamb brushed in rosemary butter from My Grandma Taught Me How To Cook.


Holy Guacamole Stuffed Crust – Fajita Pizza

From the Just Call Me Lynz kitchen we have a lovely guacamole stuffed crust fajita pizza.


Crab Linguine

Weekends are for relaxing, spending time with family and friends, perhaps doing the odd job on the house/garden but mostly for taking a pause. That pause can be over good food such as Beach Hut Cook’s crab linguine.


Cumin spiced zucchini, garlic & pepper spaghetti pasta

Super easy and smooth pasta, power packed with calcium, vitamins and fibre. Perfect for weeknight meals! From The Veggie Indian kitchen.


Halloumi, Rocket and Pesto Butter Bean Salad

Spaulyseasonalservings’ halloumi, rocket and persto butter bean salad is healthy, full of flavour and easy to make, a great way to use up left over pesto.


Puy Lentil One-Pot with Sausages

This puy lentil one-pot is a hearty, healthy and incredibly simple dinner from The Whole Ingredient. Full of Mediterranean flavours and peppery lentils, this will become a family favourite.


this is best and healthy light dinner food .... with easy recipe...thank you for this tips...plz share more


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