Highlights from Foodies 100 bloggers: Light Lunch

Cream of Celeriac Soup

From ‘The Hedge Combers’ kitchen this is a comforting Cream of Celeriac Soup which is dairy free yet super creamy and silky smooth.


English Onion Soup with Comte Croutons

From the ‘What to have for dinner tonight’ kitchen we have a twist on a classic french soup; an English Onion Soup with Comte Croutons.


Stuffed Sardine Rolls

Stuffed Sardine Rolls is a tasty dish which can make a good starter or if served with cous-cous or rice and salad it can be a very tasty and nutritious meal, from ‘My Little Italian Kitchen’.


Sweet Potato, Walnut & Sage Soup

This is a gorgeous blend of Sweet Potato, Walnut & Sage to make a smooth, creamy, low fat and dairy free soup from ‘The Hedge Combers’ kitchen.


Cauliflower Pizza

This Cauliflower Pizza recipe from ‘Food for Kids’ might sound a little unusual but it is a brilliant gluten free meal, perfect for the whole family and absolutely delicious.


Spicy Cabbage Wontons

These Spicy Cabbage Wontons from ‘The Hedge Combers’ look like so much fun to make, and delicious to eat!


Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

If you have spare chicken left over from you Sunday roast then these easy Chicken Rice Paper Rolls from ‘Food For Kids’ will turn your left overs into the perfect lunch box meal.


Mussels in Champagne Sauce

Mussels with a twist from ‘Le Coin de Mel’. This Mussels in Champagne Sauce recipe is quick, tasty, cheap and will impress your guests!


Clementine Miso Noodle Bowl

From ‘The Whole Ingredient’ we have a comforting yet fresh bowl of citrus-infused tofu, squash and noodles. This Clementine Miso Noodle Bowl is a one pot wonder and ready in under an hour;  the perfect antidote to winter.


Warm Sprout & Chestnut Salad

From the ‘Casa Costello’ kitchen we have a lovely crunchy and tasty Warm Sprout & Chestnut Salad.


Baked Sea Bream

From ‘The Hedge Combers’ kitchen we have a lovely Baked Sea Bream which takes just 35 minutes to get on the table, and it tastes superb!


Creamy Tomato Soup

From the ‘Alifemoment’ kitchen we have a Creamy Tomato Soup with no butter and no cream, a delicious soup with simple, basic ingredients to produce that perfect comfort flavour.


Red Pepper and Sundried Tomato Soup

This healthy Red Pepper and Sundred Tomato Soup from ‘The Hedge Combers’ is packed with big flavours and bold colours.


Smoked Salmon Pasta

This Smoked Salmon Pappardelle pasta from ‘ALifeMoment’ is a perfect choice when you want to switch to a healthy but delicious regime as it has smoked salmon, red onion, no cream and white wine. All these ingredient work amazingly well with each other as they create the most creamy, rich flavour from the smoked salmonMore


Courgette and Potato Soup

This light and tasty Courgette and Potato Soup is from Alida’s ‘My Little Italian Kitchen’.


Red Lentil Soup with Carrots and Parsnips

Lucy from ‘Supergolden Bakes’ has been making a healthy, low-carb & delicious Curried Lentil soup with parsnips and carrots.


Chargrilled Chicory

This simple Chargrilled Chicory with Parmesan recipe from ‘Figs and Pigs’ looks absolutely amazing.


Spaghetti Tom Yam Soup

From the ‘Nava-K’ kitchen we have a home made piping hot and spicy Tom Yam Soup with noodles.


Vegan Pad Thai

From ‘Euphoric Vegan’ we have a delicious vegan twist on a classic Pad Thai.


Onions au Gratin

If your cupboards are a little bare after Christmas how about checking them again like ‘The Beach Hut Cook’ who found a lot of onions, several sad pieces of cheese and several stale slices of bread and turned them into Onions au Gratin.


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