Highlights from Foodies 100 bloggers: Salad

Chicory & Gorgonzola Antipasto

This is a light and healthy antipasto from Vorrei, which tastes creamy and indulgent at the same time. The gorgonzola compliments the bitterness of the Chicory. It’s the perfect appetiser for a warm evening but would also be great served on a large platter at a barbecue.


Superfood Salad

A January superfood salad from How to Cook Good Food, that is packed full of super healthy ingredients that taste awesome together!


Orange and Fennel-Roasted Beetroot

The perfect side to your winter feast, this orange and fennel-roasted beetroot recipe is simple to make but packed with fresh and bright flavours. Also works well as a delicious warm salad! Thanks to The Whole Ingredient for this fabulous recipe.


Raw Sprout, Clementine, Cranberry & Walnut Winter Salad

This raw sprout, clementine, cranberry and walnut winter salad from How to Cook Good Food is a wonderful way to enjoy all the flavours of the festive season in a salad.


Kale and Barley Salad

A delicious recipe of kale and barley salad served with teriyaki salmon from The Botanical Kitchen plus a few more ways to get kale into your diet.


Goat’s Cheese Salad with Potato Rosti & Damson Ketchup

From Styles of Cooking we have a lovely light lunch combining the warm, savoury flavour of goats cheese, bacon and broad beans with the fruitiness of sweet damson ketchup.


Strawberry & Kale Halloumi Salad

This delicious strawberry & kale halloumi salad from ‘The Flexitarian’ is sweet and juicy, perfect as an accompaniment to a barbeque and is also gluten free.


Caprese Pasta Salad

Perfect for this time of year is ‘Vorrei Italian Food’s’ Caprese Pasta Salad.


Baharat Roast Duck & Couscous Salad

Baharat spice, pomegranate and couscous bring an new twist to the usual duck and orange combination in this delicious Baharat Roast Duck & Couscous Salad from Bintu’s ‘Recipes From A Pantry’ kitchen.


Warm Sprout & Chestnut Salad

From the ‘Casa Costello’ kitchen we have a lovely crunchy and tasty Warm Sprout & Chestnut Salad.


Super Protein Caesar Salad

A Kale Caesar Salad with a real protein punch! From ‘ The Whole Ingredient’ kitchen this mostly raw salad is overflowing with superfoods – not to mention flavours – that are so good for you. The tempeh bacon adds a satisfying crunch and smokiness to the fresh and creamy Caesar dressing.


Chargrilled Chicory

This simple Chargrilled Chicory with Parmesan recipe from ‘Figs and Pigs’ looks absolutely amazing.


Winter Salad of Roasted Vegetables and Bulgur Wheat

Just because the days have got colder doesn’t mean that we have to ditch the salads, from the kitchen of ‘Eat, Drink, Cook’ we have a lovely winter salad of Roasted Vegetables and Bulgur Wheat.


Kerabu Taugeh (Bean Sprouts Salad)

From ‘Nava -K’ this Kerabu Taugeh (Bean Sprouts Salad) is meatless, simple and made with a couple of ingredients, yet bold in Malaysian flavours.


Balsamic Watermelon Salad

Clinging on to the unseasonably warm days we are having with this mouth watering Balsamic Watermelon Salad from the ‘Let’s Talk Mommy’ kitchen.


Chicken and Fennel Noodle Salad

Making the most of the last of the summer sun ‘Honey Plate’ has made this Thai inspired Chicken and Fennel Salad. Healthy eating never tasted so good.


Cranberry Chicken Salad

This Cranberry, Grilled Chicken and Walnut Salad recipe from ‘Tasty Food for Busy Mums’ looks absolutely amazing. A perfect pick me up for this time of year.


Mango Salad with a Ginger Lime Dressing

Absolutely perfect for these warm summer days we are having this is a delicious Mango Salad with a Ginger Lime Dressing from ‘That Girl Cooks Healthy’.


Crunchy Lentil Dinner Salad

Inspired by chef Padma Lakshmi ‘That Girl Cooks Healthy’ has created a vegan Crunchy Lentil Dinner Salad.


Watermelon Feta Spinach Salad

Exactly the type of salad we need for this season, from ‘Morsels of Life’ we have a Watermelon Feta Spinach Salad which is flavoured with basil and a lime and vinegar dressing.


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