Highlights from Foodies 100 bloggers: Seafood

Crab Canapes

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated with parties, festivals and delicious food and drink and unlike its ghoulish title, it’s to celebrate those loved ones no longer with us but very much still alive in our hearts and minds, a perfect excuse to feast on crab canapes and fajitas from TheMore


Japanese Miso Cod Recipe

Quick and easy, this Japanese miso cod recipe is perfect for a quick and healthy midweek dinner. The post from Kavey Eats also gives you an introduction to miso, a versatile and increasingly popular ingredient.


Scallops Cooked on the Fire

Cooking and eating outside is crazy, silly but always fun and makes a meal into a feast. The food doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated and in fact easier the better for the cook and guests alike because the more time doing the eating, chatting and laughing; the more time everyone is happy. WhoMore


Brazilian fish stew ‘Moqueca de Peixe’

Try this tropical fish stew fragrant with garlic and peppers, the mellow taste of palm oil, enriched with coconut milk from DVees Food Chronicles.


Sardines with Wild Garlic Salsa Verde

Fire up the BBQ, forage for free food and cook up Foodie Quine’s sardines with wild garlic salsa verde and a couscous salad


Crab Linguine

Weekends are for relaxing, spending time with family and friends, perhaps doing the odd job on the house/garden but mostly for taking a pause. That pause can be over good food such as Beach Hut Cook’s crab linguine.


A Posh Fish Finger Sandwich

A healthy, gluten free posh fish finger sandwich with rocket and caper mayo and mushy peas, from the Cherished By Me kitchen.


i love fish food.... it would be best dinner....easy recipe and tasty..thank you


Penang Mee Udang (Prawn Mee)

Penang mee udang is a Malaysian dish full of wholesome luxurious deliciousness, from Nava K.


Prawns in Puff Pastry

A speedy and easy recipe from My Little Italian Kitchen. Prawns wrapped in puff pastry which make a good tasty starter or nibble.




Sea Bream Cooked in Salt

When the fish is fresh, cook it in salt, it retains the freshness of the sea and it is simple to do and presents well. Perfect combination to impress your guests at a dinner party, and you would not believe how simple it is to do! Thanks to Your Guardian Chef for this sea breamMore


Claypot Sri Lankan Fish Curry with Mango

A claypot Sri Lankan fish curry with mango from Nava K. This curry – wallalala!! spicy, tangy, creamy and aromatic. Indeed, finger licking goodness.


Harissa Roast Salmon

Need a little tastebud perk? Janie from The Hedge Combers pimped a juicy piece of fresh salmon with some green harissa paste and the results were deeeelish!


Orecchiette with Colatura di Alici, Clams & Broccoli

From Vorrei we have a delicious pasta recipe with Colatura di Alici (Garum sauce), the ancient Rome’s ketchup.


Leek and Smoked Mackeral Quiche

This uber tasty leek & smoked mackerel quiche from The Hedge Combers is perfect in a lunchbox, and served up with a fresh green salad.


Sea Bass, Farro, Runner Beans & Almond Pesto

Jo Eats London has made this wonderful sea bass, farro, runner beans with an almond pesto, it looks absolutely delicious.


Crab Salad with a fresh Coriander Dressing

A sweet & juicy crab salad with an Asian inspired fresh coriander dressing from The Hedgecombers.


Crab Cakes with Thai Curry Sauce

From ‘Chef Kevin Ashton’ we have gorgeous Maryland style crab cakes on a mound of stir fried vegetables surrounded with Thai curry sauce. Mmmm.


Coriander Tuna Steak & Mango Salsa

This is a lovely dinner, perfect for a light supper or a warm summer’s evening. From the ‘Ginger and Olives’ kitchen this spicy coriander tuna steak and the fruity mango salsa work perfectly together and the different flavours will make for a delicious explosion of taste in your mouth.


White miso fish pie

This white miso fish pie is a classic British dish, with a traditional Japanese twist, from ‘The Miso Tree’.


Spaghetti with prawns & asparagus in a creamy white wine & lemon sauce

A delicious spaghetti with prawns & asparagus in a creamy white wine & lemon sauce dish from the ‘Cherished By Me’ kitchen.


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