Highlights from Foodies 100 bloggers: Snacks

Galaxy Glazed Millionaire’s Shortbread

Millionaire’s shortbread gets blinged up for the party season with a delicious and easy Galaxy Glaze by Every Nook & Cranny.


Persimmon Bruschetta

This persimmon bruschetta recipe with a twist is vegan, low fat and super easy to make. Great as a starter or party food, from the Everyday Healthy Recipes kitchen.


Chilli Lime Chocolate Cookies

A satisfyingly spicy cookie full of gooey chocolate and fresh lime, these are simply amazing, from This Little Home.


yummy and crunchy cookies..loved it


Rainbow Ring Doughnuts

These deliciously fun rainbow doughnuts from This Little Home are a great baking project for all the family.


Turkey Samosas

This simple samosa snack is a really versatile make and can accommodate a heap of fillings from curried turkey mince to jam and ricotta. The pastry is simple enough and the best part is that it is cheap as chips to make. From the Reduced Grub kitchen!


Fruity Jewelled Flapjacks

Sweet and colourful, these are tasty little fruity jewelled flapjack treats from This Little Home are perfect for any lunchbox.


Cheesy Sweetcorn Muffins

Cheesy sweetcorn muffins from Foodie Quine, the perfect bake for a back to school lunchbox.


wow...I love your muffins,a nice quick snack for people who are always in a rush in the morning.


Cats Tongues Cookies

A recipe steeped in history which brings back childhood memories for Pasta Bites. Cats’ tongues, easy to make, easy to eat biscuits, perfect for teatime.


Meatball Cupcakes

These bite size little beauties are exactly what party food should be, they pack flavour and one is not enough! Enjoy these meatball cupcakes from Slow The Cook Down with some cold beers and friends.


Reduced Sugar Flavoured Yoghurt

LittleSugarSnaps has made six different ways to flavour plain yoghurt that result in far less sugar per 100g than the average shop-bought flavoured yoghurt.


15 Minute Baked Camembert Topped with Berries & Walnuts

A deliciously creamy baked camembert topped with warm, honey & balsamic soaked berries & candied walnuts from Justina Elumeze.


Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

Strawberry chia seed jam from Ring The Merchant has five ingredients and two minutes is all you need to make this delicious raw jam. Homemade, refined sugar free and preservative free, all good for you with no hidden nasties.


Basil and Oregano Cheese Straws

These vegan cheese straws from The Whole Ingredient are rich, tangy, bright from herbs and so easy to make. Perfect as a savoury snack, or with a lovely glass of something cold.


How to make your raw chocolates more interesting

Raw chocolate shells filled with cashew cream flavoured with acai, baobab and beetroot powders, from Tin and Thyme. Dairy free so great for vegans.


Cornmeal Shortbread Cookies

Delicious cornmeal shortbread biscuits typical from the region of Trentino in Italy, flavoured with orange and vanilla easy and quick to prepare, from My Little Italian Kitchen.


Chocolate Covered Paleo Flapjacks

These soft, sweet and chewy flapjacks are also healthy, gluten free and paleo!From the Justina Elumeze kitchen.


Easy Flatbreads

Plant based flatbreads from Ring The Merchant, the perfect summer salad accompaniment. Three ingredients, seven minutes to make and they taste super fresh.


I call them chapatis in our local Kiswahili dilect.this dish can be used as a side dish for various kind of recipes thus it is like our national food.


Jammy Dodgers

Affectionately known as Granny Dodgers in the Baking With Granny house, these jammy little biscuits are the perfect sweet treat that all generations will love.


Banana Bread Bars

These one-bowl vegan easy banana bread bars are so simple to make, and taste amazing! Perfect for any time of the day. From The Whole Ingredient kitchen.


Tangy Spreadable Cashew Cheese

Spreadable, moreish, tangy and indescribably good – this simple vegan cashew cheese from The Whole Ingredient is a great addition to your dairy-free cheese repertoire.


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