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Healthy Lentil Soup

A healthy lentil soup recipe from My Little Italian Kitchen.


I like theLentil most in chana dall . So I would like to try your this recipe.


Red Cabbage Risotto

Red cabbage risotto, a tasty, healthy and easy recipe from My Little Italian Kitchen.


Beetroot Cabbage Crepes

An easy way of combining two fabulous vegetables in one delicious dish from Everyday Healthy Recipes, beetroot cabbage crepes.


Sticky Chilli Cauliflower Wings

It’s easy to make your own vegan wings at home. These vegan sticky chilli cauliflower wings from The Whole Ingredient are sweet and spicy, sticky, crunchy and delicious!


Zucchini Crepes

Crepes with grated courgettes to be filled with whatever you fancy. An easy recipe from My Little Italian Kitchen.


15 Minute Baked Camembert Topped with Berries & Walnuts

A deliciously creamy baked camembert topped with warm, honey & balsamic soaked berries & candied walnuts from Justina Elumeze.


Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

Strawberry chia seed jam from Ring The Merchant has five ingredients and two minutes is all you need to make this delicious raw jam. Homemade, refined sugar free and preservative free, all good for you with no hidden nasties.


Basil and Oregano Cheese Straws

These vegan cheese straws from The Whole Ingredient are rich, tangy, bright from herbs and so easy to make. Perfect as a savoury snack, or with a lovely glass of something cold.


Vegan Naan Breads

From Ring the merchant we have vegan naan breads. No dairy, no refined Sugars, no butter, no soy. Naan breads are a great sweet and savoury combination that work well with most types of curry. 


Chicory & Gorgonzola Antipasto

This is a light and healthy antipasto from Vorrei, which tastes creamy and indulgent at the same time. The gorgonzola compliments the bitterness of the Chicory. It’s the perfect appetiser for a warm evening but would also be great served on a large platter at a barbecue.


Lemon Tofu & Cashew Nut Stir Fry

From The Whole Ingredient we have this vegan lemon tofu & cashew stir fry which is delicious, simple and wholesome! Packed with fresh ingredients and on the table in 30 minutes.


Ugandan Peanut Stew

A rich and fragrant Ugandan peanut stew packed full of veggies from The Tofu Diaries.


Vegan Red Thai Curry

An aromatic, exotic vegan Thai red curry that’s packed with coconut milk and fragrant lemongrass. The recipe takes minutes to prep and can be served up within 20 minutes. Wholesome, homemade and simply healthy, from Ring The Merchant.


Easy Flatbreads

Plant based flatbreads from Ring The Merchant, the perfect summer salad accompaniment. Three ingredients, seven minutes to make and they taste super fresh.


I call them chapatis in our local Kiswahili dilect.this dish can be used as a side dish for various kind of recipes thus it is like our national food.


Banana Bread Bars

These one-bowl vegan easy banana bread bars are so simple to make, and taste amazing! Perfect for any time of the day. From The Whole Ingredient kitchen.


Vegan Raspberry & Pomegranate Cheesecake

This stunning raspberry & pomegranate cheesecake from The Peachicks’ Bakery tastes as beautiful as it looks as well as being completely free from dairy, eggs, soya, nuts & gluten! This cheesecake so simple to make but so pretty and big on flavour making it perfect for any summer occasion!


Tangy Spreadable Cashew Cheese

Spreadable, moreish, tangy and indescribably good – this simple vegan cashew cheese from The Whole Ingredient is a great addition to your dairy-free cheese repertoire.


Vegan Chocolate Chilli Pots

These chocolate pots from The Whole Ingredient taste decadent, but only take a couple of minutes to make. Tofu, chocolate, chilli and hazelnuts combine to make a tasty treat.


Cumin spiced zucchini, garlic & pepper spaghetti pasta

Super easy and smooth pasta, power packed with calcium, vitamins and fibre. Perfect for weeknight meals! From The Veggie Indian kitchen.


Halloumi, Rocket and Pesto Butter Bean Salad

Spaulyseasonalservings’ halloumi, rocket and persto butter bean salad is healthy, full of flavour and easy to make, a great way to use up left over pesto.


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