Highlights from Foodies 100 bloggers: Vegetarian

Vegan Spinach and Chickpea Curry

A vegan, gluten-free spinach and chickpea curry from EatsLeeds. This healthy dish comes together quickly for a really tasty midweek dinner.


Garlicky Zoodles with Sunflower Seeds

Tasty garlicky zoodles topped with sunflower seeds and drizzled with a herbaceous dressing from That Girls Cooks Healthy.


One Pot Bloody Mary Pasta

One pot Bloody Mary pasta from Bryony’s Kitchen- a quick and healthy supper to blow away the cobwebs and provide a bit of a pick-me-up!


Beetroot & Sweet Potato Soup

A beautiful beetroot and sweet potato soup packed full of nutrients from Smashed Avocado.


Cranberry Chocolate Flapjacks

Delicious chocolate cranberry flapjacks from The Tofu Diaries, with a dark treacle flavour and moreish chewy-yet-crumbly texture.


Mexican Baked Sweet Potatoes

These Mexican baked sweet potatoes make the perfect, simple lunch. Filling, and full of great whole-food ingredients, this recipe will become a family favourite.


Lime and Avocado Pudding

This easy vegan style zesty lime and avocado pudding from That Girl Cooks Healthy makes the perfect after dinner treat.


Avocado is my favorite. Will do this recipe.


Carrot Cake Macaroons

A vegan bite-size alternative to carrot cake, these oaty macaroons are just delicious for when you fancy something sweet. So easy to make, and ready in no time, from The Whole Ingredient kitchen.


One Pot Chilli, Tomato and Pesto Gnocchi

A super simple vegetarian gnocchi recipe from Emily’s Recipes and Reviews, which is ready in under 30 minutes.


Asian Kale, Noodle & Coconut Broth

A tasty vegetarian Asian kale, noodle and coconut broth from the Foodie Quine kitchen.


Italian Doughnuts with Potatoes

These doughnuts from My Little Italian Kitchen are vegan and lighter than usual, made without eggs, butter or sugar but instead with an unusual ingredient- potatoes. They look very tasty!


Kale Spaghetti Genovese

This vegan kale pesto spaghetti Genovese from Jagruti’s Cooking Odyssey is packed full of protein thanks to the addition of soya beans


Orange and Fennel-Roasted Beetroot

The perfect side to your winter feast, this orange and fennel-roasted beetroot recipe is simple to make but packed with fresh and bright flavours. Also works well as a delicious warm salad! Thanks to The Whole Ingredient for this fabulous recipe.


Root Vegetable Casserole with Parsley Dumplings

Mmmm, this vegan root vegetable casserole with parsley dumplings from The Tofu Diaries is a hearty combination of root vegetables cooked in garlic and cider, topped with fresh parsley dumplings and roasted parsnips.


Cauliflower Risotto Cake

From Lau Sunday Cooks we have a creamy and silky cauliflower risotto cake with enoki mushrooms and fresh thyme. A low carb version of the classic Italian dish.


Tempeh Tagine Bowl

From The Whole Ingredient, this tempeh tagine bowl is nutritious, filling, simple to make and absolutely delicious. Packed with the spiced, vibrant flavours of a tagine and the sweetness of roasted squash.


Quick Tomato Pasta

This quick tomato pasta from Bryony’s Kitchen is the perfect fast and simple comfort food.


Homemade Scotch Eggs

Have you ever made scotch eggs, they are easier than you think and you don’t need to deep fry these ones. A healthier version that is baked in the oven from Cherished By Me.


Pumpkin Cheese Balls

From My Little Italian Kitchen we have delicious soft pumpkin balls with a cheesy heart. They can make fantastic appetizers or snacks!


Pumpkin and Black Eyed Bean Curry

Make the most of pumpkin season with this delicious flavour packed pumpkin and black eyed bean curry from The Whole Ingredient. Creamy, spicy, hearty and zingy, this dish is perfect for the colder months.


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