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Healthy Lentil Soup

A healthy lentil soup recipe from My Little Italian Kitchen.


I like theLentil most in chana dall . So I would like to try your this recipe.


Spiced Fruit Compote

From Little Sugar Snaps a spiced fruit compote which is impressively healthy and deceptively sweet. Tasting luxurious, it makes a great healthier breakfast choice when paired with yoghurt or porridge.



A stunning mousse-based cake, heavy on the vanilla! From The Running Baker.


Red Cabbage Risotto

Red cabbage risotto, a tasty, healthy and easy recipe from My Little Italian Kitchen.


Galaxy Glazed Millionaire’s Shortbread

Millionaire’s shortbread gets blinged up for the party season with a delicious and easy Galaxy Glaze by Every Nook & Cranny.


Fragrant Rosemary & Thyme Plums

This fragrant rosemary and thyme plums recipe works perfectly either as a breakfast bowl – complemented with some dairy-free yogurt and homemade muesli – or as a lovely and light desert pudding with ice cream that is perfect after a heavy meal. From Comidamor.


Persimmon Bruschetta

This persimmon bruschetta recipe with a twist is vegan, low fat and super easy to make. Great as a starter or party food, from the Everyday Healthy Recipes kitchen.


Beetroot Cabbage Crepes

An easy way of combining two fabulous vegetables in one delicious dish from Everyday Healthy Recipes, beetroot cabbage crepes.


Crab Canapes

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated with parties, festivals and delicious food and drink and unlike its ghoulish title, it’s to celebrate those loved ones no longer with us but very much still alive in our hearts and minds, a perfect excuse to feast on crab canapes and fajitas from TheMore


Japanese Miso Cod Recipe

Quick and easy, this Japanese miso cod recipe is perfect for a quick and healthy midweek dinner. The post from Kavey Eats also gives you an introduction to miso, a versatile and increasingly popular ingredient.


Raw Vegan Matcha Snickers Cheesecake

Made up of three layers – a chocolate, nutty cheesecake base, a fluffy matcha nougat layer and a delicious, toffee like top layer – this raw vegan cake is really the dreamiest, softest, tastiest cake… EVER! From the Justina Elumeze kitchen.


Chilli Lime Chocolate Cookies

A satisfyingly spicy cookie full of gooey chocolate and fresh lime, these are simply amazing, from This Little Home.


yummy and crunchy cookies..loved it


Anything goes Lamb Curry

A non break the bank lamb curry that not only tastes great but it packs a punch. Team it with some homemade chapati’s and you have a fab meal with leftovers for less than £1 a head. From the Reduced Grub kitchen.


Rainbow Ring Doughnuts

These deliciously fun rainbow doughnuts from This Little Home are a great baking project for all the family.


One-Pan Chickpeas with Sausage, Mushroom & Tomato

Very little preparation is required to make this one-pan dish, with plenty of fresh rosemary and sage as well as some cherry tomatoes; the result is a moist, fragrant and tasty one pan dish, from Natural Cooking.


just delicious..superb dish..loved it


Turkey Samosas

This simple samosa snack is a really versatile make and can accommodate a heap of fillings from curried turkey mince to jam and ricotta. The pastry is simple enough and the best part is that it is cheap as chips to make. From the Reduced Grub kitchen!


7 Easy Recipes With Italian Cheeses

Italy is without doubt a country with a rich cheese-making heritage. Each individual cheese plays an integral part in the landscape and is deeply woven into the specialities of each region. In this collection, Blog Vorrai have focused on some simple cheese recipes which are easy to prepare and yet taste amazing and create aMore


Hedgerow Harvest Crumble

A wholesome autumn crumble made with the best of the foraged harvest – blackberries, cobnuts and wild apples from Gluts and Gluttony


Pimms Sandwich

Ice cream filled macaron – cucumber & gin sorbet, soft Pimms and mint jellies, roasted strawberry ice cream and crunchy meringue pieces from The Running Baker.


Fruity Jewelled Flapjacks

Sweet and colourful, these are tasty little fruity jewelled flapjack treats from This Little Home are perfect for any lunchbox.




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