Top 10 UK Food Blogs 2020

top 10 UK food blogs 2020

Welcome to our first ranking of the year, and it’s the top 10 UK food bloggers for 2020. 

This ranking is based on members of the Foodies100 community of UK food blogs, and is based upon each blog’s ranking in our charts between January and December 2019. 

Just to explain, the scores for our top UK food blogs list is based on a combination of factors including page views, unique visits, social reach on Twitter and Instagram, as well as YouTube activity and search engine visibility.

The top blogs ranking is based on total score over the year, so newer blogs in our community may not be featured in the top rankings yet. The Foodies100 community has more than 6,000 active food and drink blogs listed in our community, so to make the top ten blogs list for the new year is a fantastic achievement.

Many congratulations to all the blogs listed, and we hope you enjoy exploring these fabulous food influencers and their content!

Top 10 UK Food Blogs 2020

  1. Recipes from a Pantry: A food and travel blog. Bringing your delicious recipes inspired by ingredients in your pantry. Covers a range of delicious food recipes including original recipes, healthy recipes, easy recipes, vegetarian recipes and food from Sierra Leone and West Africa. Follow Bintu on Instagram here
  2. Tinned Tomatoes: Tinned Tomatoes is a vegetarian and vegan food blog that focuses on family food. The site is home to nearly 600 vegetarian and vegan recipes. All with beautiful photos and simple instructions. Follow Jacqui on Instagram here
  3. Gluten Free Cuppa Tea: Becky is food and lifestyle blogger based in London. She is an avid baker, recipe creator and food photographer. Follow on Instagram here
  4. Eats Amazing: The Eats Amazing blog offers easy tutorials and simple family-friendly recipes to make food fun for kids. We show how easy it can be to present food in new and interesting ways and inspire families to get creative with their food too. Follow Grace on Instagram here
  5. Veggie Desserts: Kate writes creative vegetarian and vegan recipes – often with a vegetable twist (hello Kale Cupcakes!). I also write about parenting, lifestyle and travel. Follow Kate on Instagram here
  6. The Hedgecombers: Inspiring recipes, sumptuous professional food photography and an engaging writing style makes The Hedgecombers the perfect platform to showcase your product or service. Jane’s Instagram page is here
  7. Kitchen Sanctuary: Kitchen Sanctuary is a food blog with mouth-watering photos and a focus on family-friendly recipes. My recipes have been featured in a number of online publications including: Huffington Post, the Kitchn and Buzzfeed. Follow Nicky on Instagram here
  8. Fab Food 4 All: The Fab Food 4 All blog is where you’ll find simple and delicious family friendly recipes and prize winning jams. Follow Camilla on Instagram here
  9. Lavender and Lovage: Karen’s blog offers recipe development with high quality food styling and photos, as well as reviews, food and travel from home and abroad. Follow Karen’s Instagram story here
  10. Lilinha’s Angels: A UK lifestyle and food blog sharing family adventures, meals and travels. Follow Lilinha on Instagram here

To work with these and more of the UK’s top food blogs and influencers, get in touch to find out more about our services for brands. 

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